Our topic this half term in FS2 has been Amazing Expeditions where we have jumped into the land of the dinosaurs! We have learnt about 5 dinosaurs in particular and looked closely at their features and what they eat and where they live. Using our dinosaur knowledge, we created fact files on a chosen dinosaur.

In our creative curriculum, we have created a collage stegosaurus and a papier mache dinosaur egg which we waited excitedly to hatch! Sophie the T-rex and baby Jack the Allosaurus came to visit us in school who we petted and stroked (although they bit Miss Glossop!) and we used paintbrushes to gently push away sand and dirt to uncover amazing dinosaur fossils.

In Maths we have been measuring size and length of dinosaurs and dinosaur footprints. We used both non standard measure using blocks and standard measure using measuring tape. We know standard measure means the tools have numbers on them. We even estimated and counted how many of our shoes would fit on one dinosaur footprint!

Together as a class we built an extended play project to design and build the best den for a diplodocus to live in. We discussed what all animals need to survive and then adapted our ideas to suit the diplodocus. We regularly checked our progress and evaluated how we could make it even better!

We look forward to continuing our dinosaur learning next half term.