Year 5 Spring Term

This term Year 5 have been looking at Ancient Greece. We are thinking about whether we would rather be Ancient Greek Olympians or be an Olympian at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We started off by looking at the geography of Greece, locating some of the important historical places, and using maps to investigate the climate and historic land use. We then studied pictures of Ancient Greek pots and tried to use them to draw some conclusions about Ancient Greek life. We then moved onto the Olympics and compared Ancient Greek Olympics to our own. We made a presentation as part of a group to tell our friends what being an Ancient Greek Olympian was really like. Finally, we headed to the English Institute of Sport to have our very own mini-Olympics!


Meanwhile, in science we have been investigating forces. We created parachutes from different materials to look at the effects air resistance, made levers and investigated where the best place was for the fulcrum, and created our own pulley systems to look at the effect of adding more pulleys.