Year 6 Spring 1

This term, the children in Y6 have been investigating World War Two and the impact it has had on Britain.


In English, the children have been imagining that they are Year 6 children during World War Two. They have explored how it would have felt to take cover in Anderson shelter for the first time and they would have felt overwhelmed with emotions as they were being evacuated to the countryside.


In history we have been comparing primary and secondary sources to understand how significant events during World War Two would have been like to experience. We have also begun to sketch our own air raid shelters sketches in the style of Henry Moore using a freeze frame as a reference photo. In Science, our focus has been electricity. We have been able to use our knowledge about components and circuits to create our own Morse code machines just like the ones that were used to transmit secret messages during World War Two.


Our maths focus this term has been on fractions and percentages. We have also begun to introduce algebra, which we now know is not a scary as it sounds!