Home Learning Teacher Challenge

Hello all,

We hope everyone is well and have already been busy with the home-learning packs your teachers have set for you. In addition to this, we thought it would be good fun to set everyone a daily challenge so here goes…

 Challenge 1:

Today, we would like you to design and make an obstacle course in your home or garden.

How fast can you complete your course? Can you beat everyone in your house? Can you give instructions for someone to complete your course blindfolded? 

We would love to see your daily challenges so please keep a scrap book with your designs, photos and notes. We can share them together in the not-too-distant future!

We have included a daily lego challenge and more ideas to keep busy.

Check the website daily for your challenges!

Challenge 2: 

Today, we would love you to cook with a grown up in your family. This could be helping make lunch or tea, baking or practising some of the cooking skills you’ve learnt at school!
Y2 – maybe you could make a healthy sandwich? What will you add?

Y5 – what about a circus snack? Your waffles were amazing!

Either way, don’t forgot to record what you’ve done in your scrap book! Your teachers will be busy too with the challenges and we hope to post photos soon!

Could you try this …

Challenge 3:

Make up your own secret code. This could be out of letter or pictures. Can you get someone to solve your code? What clues will you need to give? Don’t forget to add your code into your scrap book! I’d love to solve these soon!

Challenge 4:
Indoor hunt


a fork, a red sock, something soft, a key, a photo frame,  an item of food, a teddy, a pillow, an elastic band, a plaster, a white t shirt, something circular in shape, something yellow, a hairbrush or comb, a left shoe and a button.
How many can you find?

Challenge 5

Junk Modelling

Take a look in your recycling bag. What can you find? May be yoghurt pots, cereal boxes, kitchen rolls etc

Can you design something using these items?
Maybe it’s a piece of transport? Year 1 you will all be fabulous at this as we know you’ve been learning about all different modes of travel.

Could you make an alien creature from another planet? What will it look like? What features will it have?

Or maybe you will make an animal on earth? Perhaps it lived millions of years ago like the dinosaurs.

What about a castle or another building? Year 2 you know lots about what castles look like and what features they need.

What ever you choose we can’t wait to see it!

Challenge 6

Challenge 7


How many did you get?

Challenge 8

30 Day Lego Challenge
Non-Screen activities to do at home