Home Learning 11/5/20

What a great idea with the weather being so lovely. Lily-Mae in y5 has been busy seeing what plants require to grow. Here’s her investigation…
We would love to see what you’ve been up to as well. Send your photos and work to your year group email.
Lily-Mae’s investigation

We Planted 2 sunflower plants, 1 inside 1 outside. We are going to see which one grow the first and the tallest.

On day 1 – 19.4.20 = Planted the sunflowers

Day 6 – 23.4.20 = indoor plants sprouted

Day 16- 03.05.20 = the outdoor plants sprouted

The indoor plant grew first because the window is like a green house and gives it plenty of sun then the warmth of the house. It also doesn’t have too much water as the outside plant.