Year 6 Autumn Term

Year 6 have begun exploring the enquiry question ‘Why is Sheffield known as the Steel City?’ We have explored the geography of Sheffield by using a range of different maps. From studying these maps, we have learnt that Sheffield is surrounded by rivers and has a range of natural resources which can all be used to create power for factories and industries in Sheffield. Before and during World War Two, Sheffield used water wheels on its five rivers to create power to fuel steel factories. These helped to create planes, weapons and ships for Britain in World War Two. To see how water wheels use gravity and the weight of water to create power, we constructed our own functioning  water wheels in the Year 6 classroom. After understanding Sheffield’s role in World War Two, we also looked at the impact of the Blitz on Sheffield and why it was targeted during air raids.

In English, we have looked at a range of different genres all based around World War Two. This has included The Diary of Anne Frank’ and ‘An Eagle in the Snow’ by Michael Morpurgo. Year 6 have also produced some detailed 1940’s Air Raid Precaution leaflets explaining how to keep safe during an air raid. They used their own extensive research and facts they have learnt from the book  ‘The Blitzed Brits’ by Terry Deary.