FS2 Spring Term

This term we have been exploring different fairytales using the book “There is No Dragon In This Story.” We began by thinking about whether dragons are typically ‘bad’ characters or ‘good’ characters in stories, and whether it’s fair to think that a character in a story always acts the same. We introduced the vocabulary ‘villain’  and focused on what makes a great villain. Through reading texts such as The Three Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretal, we built up a picture of what a villain is like. We noticed similarities between the Big Bad Wolf and the Witch and acted out these stories in the provision. We thought back to our poor old dragon in the key text. He wasn’t like any of these villains! He wanted to be a hero.

The children have learnt how to use some story language and actions in retelling the story of Hansel and Gretal, which they could then use in their puppet shows at the end of term.

We then answered our enquiry question – “Is there a dragon in this book?” through retelling our own stories. We retold them in different ways, through helicopter stories, drawings, role play and a grand puppet show performance where a dragon came to watch and ask us questions. We wrote our own invitations and tickets to our shows to make sure everyone came to see them! We had previously made dragon puppets and wooden peg puppets to support our performances.

Our fine motor skills have been developed through untangling trapped dragons from rubber bands and unlocking padlocks to free fairytale characters. In PE and throughout the provision we have been focussing on ball skills: throwing, catching, rolling, bouncing and aiming at a target.

In Maths we have been revising how to find one more and one less than a number, and subsequently introducing addition. We have used the Part Part Whole method to practically solve addition number sentences and learn how to add two groups of objects together. We have used hoops outside for children to make their own models and solve their own addition problems. In the final week we have looked at number bonds to 5 to develop our mastery of number. 

In our Circle times we have been thinking together about keeping safe on the road, on the internet, at school and at home. We also discussed and identified different emotions we might feel and different ways we can talk about them and who we can approach, We talked about germs in the environment and how important it is to wash our hands regularly and thoroughly. As well as this, we spoke about dental health and how important it is to clean our teeth. 

Thank you!

The FS2 Team