Year 2 Spring Term

This term our enquiry question has been ‘What is the problem with

plastic?’ We have learnt about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and

how it affects sea turtles and other marine life. During our lunch times

we noticed that we didn’t have a plastic recycling bin in our dinner hall so

we have been very busy writing persuasive letters to Ms Edwards, in the

hope that she will allow us to buy a recycling bin for our hall. Sea turtles

are amazing animals and sadly, are on the endangered list. We have

loved watching videos of them swimming in the ocean, they have

wonderful patterns on their huge shells! In art, we are creating clay sea

turtles and using a range of tools to recreate some of these amazing

patterns. Our science topic this term has been ‘Living things and their

habitats’. We have begun this topic learning about the differences

between living things, things that have never been alive and things that

were once alive but are now dead. The marine and plant life in the

oceans has been a great way to link our enquiry topic with our science.


The Y2 Team