Year 5 Spring Term

This term Year Five are asking, “How can we save our planet?”. We have been introduced to 13 children who are Old Enough to Save the Planet, looking first at a young boy from the USA who is working to save the rainforest from deforestation by highlighting the issue of Palm Oil in food and sanitary products. We discussed the difference between cause and effect, and talked about why people are deforesting the Amazon, despite the issues this causes for animal and plant habitats, and climate change. We thought about how although for the world there is a negative impact, some people saw the positive impact of making a living from the action.

In order to understand the importance of the Amazon Rainforest, we have been investigating the water cycle specific to the Amazon and how it is being affected by deforestation. Did you know that the lack of transpiration occurring in deforested areas can affect the rainfall in areas 100s – 1000s kms away? When we are back at school, we are looking forward to modelling the water cycle in the Amazon by creating our own water cycle in a jar!

We have also started to hone our maths skills through our fluency sessions in the morning. We have been practising quick recall of number bonds and times tables by playing games with dice, cards and on Purple Mash and practising our fractions too!

Y5 Team