Sports Day 2018

Sports Day Friday 29th June 2018

With the heat wave hitting around 30 degrees all week, it was decided to swap the parent’s part of the Sports Day round from the afternoon to the morning. What a great success it was! The attendance and participation from parents was fantastic throughout the session and the children really enjoyed themselves. We didn’t realise quite how competitive the egg and spoon race could be!

FS2 kicked us off with a sprint, followed by a Y1 egg and spoon race. Y2 and 3 also did sprints, with Y4 hopping their way to the line on space hoppers. Y5 and 6 did relays prints, with Y6 finishing off with an epic tug-of-war.

After that, the adults got moving as well, with both teachers and parents taking part in egg and spoon races! The event was finished off with a Y6 dance performance.

In the afternoon, the children came back out to have another go at their favourite activities and anything they didn’t get to try in the morning. The day was a great success and we’d like to thank all the parents, Mr Malkin and his helpers from Springs Academy, and all the teachers and children for a wonderful Sports Day.