Y5/6 working with Sheffield Museums Trust

Our year fives and sixes have had the privilege of working with a professional artist this year to produce a piece of work that will be displayed in the Millennium Gallery . As a school we have been partnering for three years with Museums Sheffield to provide our children the opportunity to work with professional artists. This project has worked with the same cohort of children to give them the opportunity to consistently engage in the arts and have their voice and work validated by having it displayed in Sheffield’s museums and art galleries.

 This year the children have been working around the idea of identity, working with the artist and puppet-creator Georgina Davy. The final piece of art will be a two-story high moving puppet with three heads, dressed in a giant cloak made up of the children’s artwork expressing their own identity. Our children will have their artwork displayed in the same building as Leonardo Da Vinci!

Look out for images later in July!