Autumn 2 Year 1

This half term our key question was ‘Will a polar bear ever meet a penguin?’ We have been watching BBC documentaries about The Arctic and The Antarctic to find out how they are similar and how they are different. We have been using Paper Mache and tissue paper to make models of the Arctic and Antarctic to show how one is surrounded by land and one is surrounded by water. We now know that a penguin wouldn’t meet a polar bear as they live on opposite sides of the earth. In literacy, we have been writing information booklets about polar bears and penguins.

At the moment we are learning about Ernest Shackleton, an explorer who tried to reach the South Pole on three different expeditions. During his third expedition his ship, Endurance became stuck in the ice! We will be freezing boats into ice to see if we can then find the best way to get them back out again.

In maths, we have been learning about shape, we went on a shape hunt around school and labelled all the shapes we found. We have also begun to use dienes which help us to understand tens and ones.