Y5 Home Learning

Year 5 were set the following challenge by Mr Thompson….

When I make gravy for my roast dinner, I place gravy granules into a jug and mix
into boiling water. The granules seem to disappear, but I am left with a brown,
yummy mixture! The granules have dissolved.
Anything that can dissolve into a liquid is soluble. Anything that doesn’t dissolve is insoluble.
Try mixing different materials into water to see if they are soluble or insoluble. Find at least 3 of each. A suggestion of materials you might try are given below but you can try anything you like!
Sand, chalk, soil, flour, coffee, sugar, salt, rice, pepper.

Lily-Mae explored the different items at home to test what materials are solutes in water.
Take a look at her investigation….

Like any great scientist, she predicted what might happen first and then tested against this…

Great work Lily-Mae!