Forest School

Forest School at Bankwood School offers all who participate regular opportunities to achieve and develop at their own pace. It supports the building of confidence, self-knowledge and self-esteem through shared learning experiences and reflection. It enhances the children’s appreciation of the natural world through working in an outdoor environment.

It is intended that by providing a long term programme of child centred and child lead activities in an outdoor environment that social, emotional and physical aspects of development can be supported.

The Aims of Forest School

Develop the whole child

o        Build self-confidence and enhance self esteem

o        Create a positive supporting environment

o        Encourage independence and self-awareness

o        Encourage interdependence and collaboration

o        Develop at the pace of the child

Natural World

o        Appreciation and  care of the local environment

o        Develop ideas of sustainability

o        Create shared ownership of the Forest School site

o        Share awareness of needs of flora and fauna


o        Model curiosity

o        Promote collaboration

o        Ensure Health and Safety for all

o        Leave room for children to lead their own learning


o        Children help to establish routines for keeping safe

o        Build in reflection for all

o        Value all contributions


At Bankwood School we believe that Forest School helps children develop the social skills that make them more effective learners.