Home Learning

At Bankwood Primary School, we understand the importance of learning in all capacities. Whilst the current global pandemic has impacted children’s learning, we at Bankwood are striving to ensure that our children can still access quality education and as many opportunities to continue their learning as possible.

All our classes have moved online to Google Classroom. Every child has their own unique google email address and password which they can use to login. The short video tutorial below demonstrates how to access Google Classroom.

Further guidance can be found here:

If you require further assistance, please contact the school office.

FS2 Home Learning Video

Please follow this link. to download it directly to your device


Home Learning Blog

Friday 8th January 2021

Our home learning is up and running – keep checking back here for some excellent examples of your children’s work!

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Katie Morag Adventures!

This morning, Spencer has been reading Katie Morag. He said that Katie Morag went on bear hunt around the Isle of Struay…

Spencer went for a walk and he made a chart of what he saw and then what Katie could see to compare!

Great work Spencer!

Super Shape Artwork!

Mona in Y2 has created a great piece of landscape artwork to practise her use of 2D shapes. How many 2D shapes can you name? Can you create a piece of artwork using 2D shapes?

Well done Mona!