Year 4

The Victorians
Since September, Year 4 have been on a journey back to the Victorian era. The main character, ‘Hetty Feather’, has helped us to understand what life was really like for a foundling child. This inspired us to make our own Victorian dolls, games and Victoria sponge cakes. The children are evaluating their cake prototypes before making their final cakes to sell. Our learning around electricity has encouraged us to help the foundling children by making a simple circuit with a switch, by investigating insulators and conductors, to light up the foundling hospital. We have researched the 1864 Sheffield Flood and by using survivor accounts, the children can understand the devastating impact on the local area and the reactions of the residents from that time.

Our theme continued through the ‘Waterbabies’ which inspired us to create sound poetry. We also combined Victorian street sounds using Audacity. We selected Victorian street scenes and added the sounds on a powerpoint. The Victorian’s enjoyed playing with Noah’s Ark so we decided to make our own arks and sketch the animals. We also made our own tea cup and saucer using clay. We were very interested in the different designs of Victorian tea sets. We completed our Victorian topic with a visit to Cannon Hall Museum where we became servants. We cooked in the Victorian Christmas kitchen, polished boots and completed our laundry duties. We are glad to be leaving the Victorian era now as it was hard work and a bit cold! We are now off to Ancient Egypt!