Year 4


Y4 travelled back in time to look at Ancient Egypt. After finding out that wealthy men and women wore jewellery and amulets (which brought them good luck), we designed and made our own versions. We joined different materials to make a necklace and then decorated it so that even the wealthiest Ancient Egyptians would have approved!

In our writing sessions, we have read ‘The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess’ by Julia Jarman. We completed some character descriptions and wrote a letter from the cat to explain where he is and why. It was very mysterious as he kept disappearing. We also read ‘Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown and wrote a newspaper article to describe the robbery.  Flat Stanley was so brave.

In Science, we undertook many different investigations to find out what happens when solids melted and when liquids evaporated through our ‘Changing State’ topic. We explored the rates of evaporation of different liquids and in different sized containers. We also used thermometers to measure the temperatures of the liquids as they melted. We also learnt about the human body and the digestive system.  This helped us understand the mummification process too.

During our Ancient Egyptian topic, we were particularly interested in the mummification process and we used the mummy in our classroom to give instructions to mummify using a computer programme called ‘Animate It’.   We also inputted instructions into a ProBot Car and a Logo program to give them instructions to make them move in different directions.