Year 6


The children in Y6 have made and excellent start back after the summer break. This term, we are focusing on the Shakespeare play Macbeth, and the cut-throat Celts of Scotland.


In English, the children have started to read the story of Macbeth and have written a letter as Macbeth to his darling wife to inform her of the surprising news that he is now the Thane of Glamis and Cawdor. We are eager to find out what will happen next and to discover whether the witch’s prophecy will come true! Will Macbeth become King of Scotland? And what will he do to get the crown?


We have designed our own Celtic inspired patterns and used and reviewed different printing techniques in order to produce the best print. To support our learning in English, the children are designing, making and evaluating articulating models of the characters in Macbeth in order to produce a short animation of a scene. In Science, our focus has been living things and their habitats. We have already studied the circulatory system and made our own blood, and investigated how nutrients are absorbed by our digestive system.


Our maths focus this term is on place value, and we are ensuring the children have a knowledge of rounding, decimals, ordering and comparing numbers.


Homework Sheets