Year 6


This term in Y6 we have focused on the seafaring Vikings and their homeland of Scandinavia.  In English, we have studied an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet (set in the Scandinavian country of Denmark) and the children have been captivated by the plight of its tragic hero.  We have researched the physical geography of Scandinavia and used mapping skills to explore the landscape of the Taiga forest biome. Through analysis of archaeological evidence, the children have discussed and drawn conclusions regarding several key questions: were the Vikings invaders or settlers? Did they actually conquer Wessex? How did they trade with countries inland? Ask a Year 6 child to explain the evidence for and against to you!

Within enrichment, we have researched, designed and constructed intricate Viking jewellery as well as realistic long houses. The focus for science has been living things and their habitats. Using different systems, the children have identified and classified various animals and plants. We have also created detailed pencil sketches of these. The investigative science project was to determine which climate zone is the best to grow a sunflower in. The children have had to combine their knowledge of climate zones and the suitable conditions a plant needs to create a fair and reliable test.

All staff at Bankwood would like to wish all 41 children the very best next year at their new secondary schools.