Year 6

Year 6 have had a busy start to the year.  Our theme – Footprints – took us back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. We have been using reflective symmetry to create geometric pottery designs, used the principals of Archimedes to explore density and mapped the battle of Troy and Alexander’s invasions using grid references and scale.

This half term, we have continued to explore density and produced a test tube of varying solutions to create a rainbow. We have explored the influence the Ancient Greeks had (and still have) on space, created and named our own constellations and measured the 2d angles between stars. We continue to form and join with clay to develop not only Greek pots but now clay columns like those seen within the Greek temples. We have also been lucky enough to have had access to the mock up replica of Steve Mehdi’s ‘Man of Steel’. We used a quotation from the Guardian where the sculpture was described as a ‘chilled-out greek god’. We linked this to our work on the Minoans and the guardian of Crete: Talos.