Literacy is based on a key half or termly text –whether through a book, film or a combination- and children respond to the stimulus in a variety of writing styles. Children use their knowledge of SPaG from reading and apply this within the writing sessions. SPaG is rarely taught out of context so the children understand the importance of the application of SPaG as both a writer and reader.

Spelling patterns and unfamiliar words are taught in a discreet 15minute daily pm session in KS2.

Reading within KS1 is based on the RWI phonics scheme where the children are moved through at a quick pace being assessed half termly by the RWI lead.

Reading in KS2 is based on the immersive theme; however, grouped to ensure that children who require phonics input receive this. Their sessions follow the RWI structure but through tailor-made texts. In ALL sessions extracts from the key text, History, Geography, RE and some aspects of Art, DT, Computing and Music (all linked to the key text theme) are taught through the reading overview – summarise the writing, clarify vocabulary, identify and define SPaG, develop opinions and predict, retrieve and record information. Giving children a variety of quality texts ensures our children develop into well-read and knowledgeable individuals.