Year 5

This term seems to have flown by, leaving Christmas as a distant memory. Y5, however, continue to work hard. This term has seen us studying ‘properties and changes of materials’ throughout our science lessons. We began by looking at various materials around school, their properties and what they are used for. We then moved on to how materials can change, which slotted in well with our Magic and Mystery topic.

Our book this term has been Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which the children have really enjoyed. It has enabled them to write various pieces from: a newspaper report on a snake escaping from the zoo, instructions for how to catch a troll, an explanation text about the features of a broom, a biography of J.K.Rowling and finishing with writing their own version of the final chapter. Maths has seen us working with fractions (ordering, adding, subtracting, multiplying and converting). We are ending the term focusing on decimals.

In enrichment, the children will – hopefully – bring home a Harry Potter-themed cushion that they have designed and created throughout the entire term. The children have completed a lot of hands-on work this term from a class sorting-hat to their very own snitches. They have also created potions and crystals in their investigative science tasks. Enrichment has also seen the children learn to play the Harry Potter theme tune (Hedwig’s song) on the keyboard, which they have recorded and uploaded to Audacity. The children have continued to enjoy their extra sessions in French, music and forest school.