Year 5

This half term in y5/6 we have learnt about Crime and Punishment through the classic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This year represents a very special celebration of the book: it’s the bicentenary of the first publication. We have explored the tragic life of Shelley and how this impacted on her writings. We have researched into crimes and punishments during the time when the book was written and compared them with life today. In Science we have explored the human anatomy and have dissected a lamb’s heart. To enhance our work, we went on a trip to York. We visited York Castle Museum where we looked at real artefacts used during the time of Shelley. Our favourite place was York Dungeons. Luckily, we all made it out with our fingers, toes, heads and tongues!

During our Enrichment Curriculum, we have used our knowledge of the heart to form  clay sculptures, used % and decimals to create the blood within the human body, created circuits like Victor in Frankenstein and created our own writing in the style of Shelley.


By Maja and Adelina