Year 5

Y5 have had a great start to the year, as we have been learning about the Vikings! We have enjoyed finding out where the Vikings were from and where they travelled to. Our research led us to discover that the Vikings travelled on longboats, lived in longhouses and helped us to understand how they managed to travel so far and wide – through the use of a compass! Our book, How to Train Your Dragon, has captured our interests and we can’t wait to find out what happens to Hiccup. We have enjoyed writing diary entries and letters from Hiccup’s point of view. In maths, we have been working with more challenging numbers and learning a new method for multiplying larger numbers.
As part of our enrichment curriculum, we have researched Viking foods and had a go at making our own Viking flatbread. Thank you to anyone who sampled some at the Christmas Fayre. The school sent an object into space this term, so we have studied Earth and Space as our science topic. The children have really enjoyed finding out about the different layers of the atmosphere and just how far our object reached. Y5 have had some special football sessions with coaches from Sheffield United Football Club, which they have thoroughly enjoyed. They have also been enjoying their extra sessions in music, athletics, French and at forest school.