Year 2/3

For the Autumn term Year 2/3 have been ‘Holding on Tight’ as they sail down the river with the Mole, Ratty and Badger and the wind in the willows.  The children have enjoyed finding out all about Rivers, looking at maps, writing reports and making 3D models to show the river journey from source to sea.  In our computing project this term the children created films of their own origami boats sailing down a river.  They have also helped Mr Mole to solve problems using river water, making structures to lift the water from the river and water filters to clean the dirty river water.  The filters worked so well the water was almost good enough to drink!

After the half term Year 2/3 continued our river project overseas and back in time as they found out all about Ancient Egypt and the River Nile. As part of this project the children have been finding out about mummification.  They have mummified tomatoes in school and visited Weston Park Museum where they tried their hands as embalmers preparing an actual body for the mummification process.  In their creative work the children found out about ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, making their own papyrus paper and clay cartouches to record secret messages.