Year 2

In year 2 this spring, the children have loved reading The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton and discovering all the magical lands at the top of the faraway tree. They explored all the different lands and in English they have had lots of fun writing their own narratives and creating their own characters. In spring two we have been looking at non-fiction information texts. The children learnt lots about woodland habitats and what creatures live there. They created fact files on lots of different woodland creatures. In enrichment in the afternoons they have been working on creating a woodland setting in a box. Also the children have loved using playdough to practise their clay modelling techniques so they can make woodland creatures out of clay to live inside their woodland setting. In computing the children have been looking at data handling and why we collect information. They have worked together to create databases of woodland creatures and looked at different ways to present the data to make it easier to read.