Year 1

Year 1 Home Learning Pack

In Y1, we are asking the question, ‘Can a whale swim around the world?’  To answer our question, we have looked at the hot and cold places in the world to find out about the weather and how hot and cold it is in the different places.  We also found out that Christopher Columbus sailed across from Spain to the Caribbean Islands so we know it is possible to travel a long way by sea.  He thought the world was a sphere and not flat so it was possible to go around the world.  We have enjoyed learning about hot and cold colours through art and created pictures of the seasons.   We went to the Yorkshire Wild Life Park and talked about the animals which came from hot and cold places.  We got quite close to a polar bear!    We have read ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and retold their exciting adventures.

We are working hard on our phonics during our daily Read Write Inc. sessions.  In maths, we have focused on number and place value so we are more confident with ordering numbers, working out the missing numbers on a track and talking about one more and one less of a given number.