Year 1

Y1 have been visiting the seaside this term.   When we read ‘Lucy and Tom’ by Shirley Hughes, we enjoyed talking about all the interesting activities that they did by the sea.  We wrote ‘A Guide to the Seaside’ so people know how to be safe and what they need to take. We have thought about food we can take to the seaside and we have designed and made our own sandwich with packaging.    We have some unusual combinations such as cheese and jam!  In science, we have explored everyday materials and tested them to see if they were suitable for sandwich packaging and deckchairs.  In art, we have sketched and created shells out of clay. Our visit to Cusworth Hall taught us about the history of the seaside as we found out what the Victorians did at the seaside and what they wore.  We tried on some of the swimming costumes.  We also had the opportunity to play with some Victorian toys which we still play with today.