Year 1

In Year 1 we have been reading Cinderella as well as watching the classic Disney film. Our classrooms were transformed into a magical castle and Cinderella’s old, dusty house. We retold the story through drama, doing hot seating where the children were the Prince and  asked questions like, “Who are you searching for?” “Why do you want to marry Cinderella?”

We collaged two huge dresses as part of our classroom display, one which was blue, shiny and sparkly and one which was brown and drab.

Along the floor of our classroom has been a story road, this retold the story from beginning to end and included pictures, words and props. Large sheets of paper enabled the children to add writing and pictures to the road which they loved!

In computing we have been learning about a computer keyboard. We now know how to put in a space, a full stop and a capital letter.

We used these skills to work in pairs and write the story of Cinderella on Purple Mash.