Here at Bankwood we believe that History broadens children’s understanding of the world and the people around them. It provides a context for modern events and issues. It allows children to place events in chronological order and to answer questions such as how, why and when they occurred. It further develops children’s understanding of causal relationships, actions and consequences. History teaches children to understand the characteristic features and key people and events of a period or society. It brings greater awareness and respect for social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. It provides an opportunity for children to practise and develop core skills such as reading, speaking and listening, data handling and writing in an engaging and meaningful context.


We will help our children to:

Have an interest in and curiosity about the past
Reflect on the contribution that diverse people and events have had in shaping the world we live in
Develop an understanding of the reasons for historical events
Reflect on the differences between periods of history
Use evidence from a wide range of primary and secondary sources to prompt questions and suggest lines of enquiry


To achieve these aims our children will need to:

Know some key facts and dates and develop a sense of chronology
Know in detail about some historical figures
Question evidence and compare different sources
Know about the lives of ordinary people in the times they are studying
Know how to pursue lines of enquiry using library and internet skills
Know how to present findings in a wide variety of ways.

At KS1 and KS2 history is taught thematically in line with the whole school Enrichment Curriculum.