Year 3

Year 3: Spring Term

During the spring term, year 3 have been hooked into the novel ‘Witch Wars’ by Irish author Sibeal Pounder, as part of the Magic an Mystery topic. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the book and we have even been in touch with the author! Many of the children have bought their own copies of the books too.

Morning Lessons

The children have built on their skills of description in their writing and have enjoyed describing the characters and settings from the book. They even had the chance to create their own city, based on ‘Ritzy City’ in the novel. They have also developed their instructional writing well, by writing instructions to make witches’ potions. The children have finished off the term by writing narrative, where they have retold a chapter of the novel. In Maths, the children have been learning about shape, fractions, multiplication and division, as well as recapping on addition and subtraction. In Science, the children have learned about Forces and Magnetism and Light.


Our big REAL project task has been to create our shoes, linked to the ‘giant shoe’ in the book. The children have built on their sewing skills learned in year 2 and many have been able to independently sew their own shoes. The Science has been focussed around potions, with the children helping Peggy Pigwinkle from the book to make their own gruesome potions! We have also looked at which materials would be best to make shoes from, with many children brining in their old shoes to experiment with. The Computing has also linked well to this, with the children using Microsoft Word to label pictures of shoes. The shoes from home also got used again for the printing in Creative, where they have printed using the soles of the shoes.