School Council

School Council is an important part of life here at Bankwood.  At the beginning of the year, two children from each class are democratically voted for by their peers to be representatives of the class.  School Council reps need to have the following personal qualities so that they are:

  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Organised
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Good at listening to everyone
  • Able to remember things
  • Honest and sensible
  • Hardworking

These are the things the School Council rep needs to do:

  • Listen to the views and opinions of the class and bring them to the meeting.
  • Report everyone’s ideas and opinions even if they are not your own
  • Bring ideas to the meeting that will make the school a better place to be
  • Feedback information to your class – ask your teacher for a time to do this
  • Wear your badge so people know that you are the rep
  • Collect views of pupils from the playground
  • Present some assemblies
  • Represent the school at local or national meetings

In the Autumn term the new School Council went for a visit at Sheffield City Council. The children to had the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the Council House and to have their voice heard in a formal setting.  The children went in to the council chamber to observe the proceedings and asked the councillors a question of their choice.  Two of are children can be seen on the link below asking if we can have more volunteers at the local library.

School council at the council chamber