English skills, including spoken language, reading, writing and grammar are taught daily.  Spelling is taught following the read, writing inc. spelling programme.


‘A love of reading is promoted through all aspects of school life.’

Reading and Phonics is taught daily for all pupils from FS1 to Y2 (until they complete the programme) using the Read Write Inc. phonics programme.  Additional reading and phonics sessions are taught as an intervention for all pupils not meeting the minimum expectations.  At home, children have opportunities to read books carefully matched to their phonics ability.

After completing the RWI scheme, reading is taught as a whole class following the school format developed from reciprocal reading principles and using VIPERS. Key texts for reading are carefully chosen to match the reading expectation of the year group whilst also promoting children’s love of reading and where possible stimulate learning across the curriculum.  Supplementary texts ensure all children have access to reading material at the correct level for their age and stage of development.

A love of reading is promoted through all aspects of school life. All classrooms have a well-stocked reading area where children have the opportunity to select books to read for pleasure at school or at home. All children have opportunity to use the school library as well as the visiting the local community library.



All classes have a daily writing lesson.  We are committed to developing writing for real audiences and linking English learning to other areas of the curriculum.

Children are taught to write for different purposes under the categories of:

  • Writing to Entertain
  • Writing to Recount
  • Writing Non-Chronological
  • Writing to Discuss
  • Writing to Explain
  • Writing to Persuade
  • Writing to Instruct

Lessons are planned using the ‘Writing at Bankwood’ progression document.

Further opportunities for children to embed key skills are provided across the curriculum.