Assessment Overview

At Bankwood Community Primary School we believe that assessment is an integral part of effective teaching and learning. Children learn best when teaching is planned to effectively teach new concepts, fill identified gaps and is adapted to respond to pupil achievement. At Bankwood Community Primary School progress is measured against individual, group, school and national benchmarks to ensure our children make at least good progress and no children are left behind. The assessment and tracking of pupils’ progress within all subjects is used to inform school improvement planning and individual teacher planning. Skills within the foundation subjects have been created by subject leaders and these are tracked using the Skills Grids. Throughout the Enrichment Curriculum, the skills are introduced, developed, embedded and mastered.

Computing Skills Grids

Art and Design Skills Grids

Design and Technology  Skills Grids 

PE Skills Grids

Geography Skills Grids

History Skills Grids

RE Skills Grids

Emotional Literacy Skills Grids

Music Skills Grid