Enrichment sessions run alongside project/topic lessons (when not whole-class teaching) or teacher led intervention.  The principle of these sessions is developed from the Early Years continuous provision model, allowing children opportunities to revisit skills taught in other lessons, to independently practise, embed and enhance learning.


For all subjects, children are taught skills based lessons. Skills lessons also introduce enrichment activities for children to continue the learning independently through easily accessible provision of resources.  There are a range of activities available for the children to select.


Examples of activities that may be seen in enrichment sessions are:

  • Independent writing task to revisit text types already taught
  • Independent reading task to revisit skills already taught
  • Spelling games (eg. Banagrams, scrabble)
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Maths games linked to skills taught
  • Maths problems
  • Continuing with a DT project (eg, sewing) outside of a taught skills session
  • Follow-up activities in sketchbooks
  • Research using books or internet
  • Revisiting and practising computing skills taught


Enrichment is an opportunity for children to follow their interests and/or further practise and develop target skills. Therefore not every child will complete every enrichment activity; however it is the responsibility of the class teacher to support children in their choices to ensure they are using session to support their learning and progression.